rsyslog + gnutls under debian/ubuntu

If you want to set a rsyslog-gnutls server on ubuntu/debian, you might have noticed it just doesn’t work. The bug description is here. It was fixed for for 3.22.3, 4.6.5 and 5.6.1. Right now Lenny ships with 3.18.6-4, Squeeze with 4.6.4-1 and Sid with 4.6.4-2. Lucid lynx comes with 4.2.0-2ubuntu8. The Lucid and Squeeze packages are afflicted with this bug, and I didn’t test the other variations. I just went with experimental, which is a development version of rsyslog. It seems to be working in the lab, I’ll see how it performs under production load.

I just wish they used OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS.


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